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there really isn’t much to it

The Name??

I remember sitting at Josh’s kitchen table eating a sandwich and watching him fiddle with something under the table. Half way through a sip of iced tea, he pops his hand out from under the table with a palm full of red/pink and white allergy pills and asks me “Would you like some peppermint candies?!” I choked. I laughed. I named my website after this hilarious, no longer, inside joke.


Those who thought I wouldn’t make anything of myself. Thanks for providing me with the will to say I.Don’t.Give.A.Crap.

Photographs are from JonasHQ.org
Vinatge pattern is from Ego-Box

KillingInTheName for the background
Everything else on this website is created by me unless stated otherwise


As of right now I’m staring over new.
I’m looking for new and loyal affilates. Not to say my old ones weren’t.
Here are a few rules
1. Sub-Domain and Domains name only. No freewebs, piczo or whatever, sorry =[
2. I'm looking for friends so don't apply if you just want traffic
3. Comment as often as you can. I'm not asking for you to comment on every blog. Just pop in every once in a while, okay? =]
4. No adult sites or content. I’m not a fan of swearing either.
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